Program: Grade 7 Math - NJ ASK Practice Tests and Workbooks (NJ CCCS)


This online course helps improve student achievement on the New Jersey ASK Test (NJ ASK) and supplements classroom learning. It includes:

1 Diagnostic Test that mirrors the NJ ASK Test
3 Additional Practice Tests that mirror the NJ ASK Test
Hundreds of practice questions correlated to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards
1 Year Unlimited easy access from any computer with internet
Personlized learning and Real-time progress reports

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Table of Contents
Lesson Name
Introduction and Diagnostic Test
Diagnostic Test
Number and Numerical Operation
Workbook - Number Sense
Workbook - Numerical Operations
Workbook - Estimation
Geometry and measurement
Workbook - Geometric Properties
Workbook - Transforming Shapes and Coordinate Geometry
Workbook - Measuring Geometric Objects
Workbook - Units of Measurement
Patterns and algebra
Workbook - Patterns
Workbook - Functions and Relationships
Workbook - Procedures (including Modeling)
Data analysis, probability, and discrete mathematics
Workbook - Data Analysis
Workbook - Probability
Workbook - Discrete Mathematics - Systematic Listing and Counting
Workbook - Discrete Mathematics - Vertex-Edge Graphs and Algorithms
Test Taking Tips
Test Taking Tips
Practice Tests
Practice Test 1
Practice Test 2
Practice Test 3