Program: Grade 4 Math - NJ ASK Practice Tests, Workbooks (NJ CCCS) and Video Explanations


This online course helps improve student achievement on the New Jersey ASK Test (NJ ASK) and supplements classroom learning. It includes:

1 Diagnostic Test that mirrors the NJ ASK Test
3 Additional Practice Tests that mirror the NJ ASK Test
Entertaining Video Explanations by Luis Anthony Ast for selected questions
Hundreds of practice questions correlated to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards
1 Year Unlimited easy access from any computer with internet
Personlized learning and Real-time progress reports

Grade 4 Math Multiple Choice Demo Video Diagnostic Test

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Table of Contents
Lesson Name
Diagnostic Test
Diagnostic Test - Detailed Video Answers
Number and numerical operations
Workbook - Number Sense
Workbook - Numerical Operations
Workbook - Estimation
Geometry and measurement
Workbook - Geometric Properties
Workbook - Transforming Shapes and Coordinate Geometry
Workbook - Units of Measurement
Workbook - Measuring Geometric Objects
Patterns and algebra
Workbook - Patterns
Workbook - Functions and Relationships
Workbook - Procedures (including Modeling)
Data Analysis, Probability, and Discrete Mathematics
Workbook - Data Analysis
Workbook - Probability
Workbook - Discrete Mathematics
Test Taking Tips
Test Taking Tips
Practice Tests
Practice Test 1
Practice Test 1 - Detailed Video Answers
Practice Test 2
Practice Test 2 - Detailed Video Answers
Practice Test 3