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"We used the Lumos Program in 2009. They are indeed very helpful. My daughter was able to achieve a full score for the first time! Therefore, I highly recommend it."
- Mrs. Li, Parent, Bridgewater

"Lumos Test Prep for 3rd grade math was the closest series to the NJ ASK exam. I have previously tried other test prep series and had been disappointed with the books. Lumos was the best I have used for my daughter. Looking forward to using 4th grade material"
- Mrs. Koshy, Parent, Martin Luther King Elementary

"I love this test prep website. This is awesome. Thank you so much for all the hard work."
- Ms. Ruvinka, Randolphville Elementary

"My daughter’s grade increased from basic to proficient after using Lumos test prep. Thank you very much for putting up the test prep site."
- Ms. Christine, Parent, Grandview Elementary

"Thank you very much. It was really very helpful for me. I hope you have test like this for all Grades. Please add missing grades as it will be helpful to all. Thanks again."
- Master Vishrudh

"Though my daughter started this test prep a little late right before NJ ASK, she enjoyed it very much.  Because she can get the answer and her score right away.  She did not know if the test prep really helped, but atleast she did some practice and further more she loved to continue even after NJ ASK.  I would encourage her to use this site as often as possible to sharpen her test skill."
- Mrs. Lin

"Outstanding job on a very comprehensive website which is not boring at all. We will starting practicing right away, thanks to you!"
- Mrs. Kathleen, Parent, Randolphville Elementary

"Thank you very much for making this site alive. It really helped my daughter. As a mother, I think it was a great idea that you created this website for children to practice for the NJ ASK exam. Since the classroom teacher did not do much for them at school, this website becomes a perfect enrichment tool."
- Mrs. Kim

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