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Program: Basic Mathematics and Algebra Workshop

This workshop is a collection of interactive, math video lessons delivered in the e-learning format. It includes:
About 736 minutes of video instruction!
10 key learning modules (see the table of contents).
Printable notes.
Practice questions.
Recommended for children in 6th, 7th and 8th grade.

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Program Highlights:
Excellent Summer Activity
According to a study by the Douglas and Maria DeVos Foundation, kids forget 40% of what they learn in school during summer! This e-learning math workshop can be used to help children review what they already know and teach new concepts during the summer months. This active summer approach will help decrease the "learning loss" and provide a solid foundation for a successful school year.
Interactive and kid-friendly
The online course combines personalized e-learning with engaging (and sometimes entertaining!) lectures by Mr. Luis Anthony Ast. This helps students master the key concepts in basic mathematics and algebra. Colorful and engaging materials and activities along with video instruction appeal to young learners.
Convenient and available year-round, at any time of day
Students practice when it is convenient for them. All they need is a computer with internet access. Students can use the program for a full year, including the summer.
Lumos Learning allows students to prepare at a pace that is right for the individual student. This self-paced approach, combined with instant feedback creates success and leads to greater confidence.
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Table of Contents

Lesson Name
Basic Mathematics
Basic Mathematics 1 - Numbers - Classification and Sets
Basic Mathematics 2 - Numbers - Equalities and Inequalities
Basic Mathematics 3 - Numbers - Operations on Numbers
Basic Mathematics 4 - Numbers - Properties of Numbers
Basic Mathematics 5 - Numbers - Factors, Multiples and Divisibility
Basic Mathematics 6 - Fractions
Basic Mathematics 7 - Units of Measurement
Algebra - Introduction
Algebra - Formulas from Geometry
Algebra - Solving Linear Equations
Brain Teasers

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