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Program: Grade 8 Science - NJ ASK Online Practice Tests and Workbooks (NJ CCCS)
Description: This course helps your child prepare for NJ ASK Grade 8 Science test. It includes 1) Full length diagnostic test. 2) 16 Practice workbooks that cover NJ Standards. 3) Two full length practice tests. 4) Expert advice.
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Table of Contents

Lesson Name
Introduction and Diagnostic Test
Diagnostic Test
Scientific Processes
Workbook - Scientific Processes
Workbook - Inquiry and Problem Solving
Science and Society
Workbook - Science and Society
Mathematical Applications
Workbook - Mathematical Applications
Science and Technology
Workbook - Science and Technology
Characteristics of Life
Workbook - Matter, Energy, and Organization in Living Systems
Workbook - Diversity and Biological Evolution
Workbook - Reproduction and Heredity
Workbook - Structure and Properties of Matter
Workbook - Chemical Reactions
Workbook - Motion and Forces
Workbook - Energy Transformation
Earth Science
Workbook - Earth’s Properties and Materials
Workbook - Atmosphere and Weather
Workbook - Processes that Shape the Earth
Workbook - How We Study The Earth
Astronomy and Space Science
Workbook - Earth, Moon, Sun System
Workbook - Solar System
Workbook - Stars
Environmental Studies
Workbook - Human Interactions and Impact
Practice Tests
Practice Test 1
Practice Test 2
Practice Test 3
Practice Test 4
Practice Test 5

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