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Program: Grade 3 Math - CCSS Workbooks, Practice Tests and Video Explanations

This online course supplements classroom learning and helps improve student achievement on the Standardized tests. It includes:

1 Diagnostic Test
3 Additional Practice Tests
Entertaining Video Explanations by Luis Anthony Ast for selected questions 
Hundreds of practice questions correlated to the Common Core State Standards
1 Year Unlimited Access
Expert advice and more

Grade 3 Math Multiple Choice Demo Video Diagnostic Test

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Table of Contents

Lesson Name
Introduction and Diagnostic Test
Diagnostic Test
Diagnostic Test - Detailed Video Answers
Operations and Algebraic Thinking
Model Multiplication & Division
Number Sentences
Real World Problems
Multiplication & Division Properties
Multiplication & Division
Symbolize Problem Situations
Estimate Solutions
Number Patterns
Number and Operations in Base Ten
Rounding Numbers
Addition & Subtraction
Order of Operations
Number and Operations - Fractions
Comparing Fractions
Measurement and Data
Capacity & Mass
Measure Length
Perimeter and Area
2-Dimensional Shapes
Shape Partitions
Test Taking Tips
Test Taking Tips
Practice Tests
Practice Test 1
Practice Test 1 - Detailed Video Answers
Practice Test 2
Practice Test 2 - Detailed Video Answers
Practice Test 3
Practice Test 3 - Detailed Video Answers

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