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Program: Grade 8 Math - CCSS Workbooks and Practice Tests

This online course supplements classroom learning and helps improve student achievement on the Standardized tests. It includes:

1 Diagnostic Test
5 Additional Practice Tests
Hundreds of practice questions correlated to the Common Core State Standards
1 Year Unlimited Access
Expert advice and more
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Table of Contents

Lesson Name
Introduction and Diagnostic Test
Diagnostic Test - Part I
Diagnostic Test - Part II
The Number System
Real Numbers
Expressions and Equations
Exponents & Roots
Scientific Notation
Linear Relationships
Solving Linear Equations
Systems of Equations
Linear vs. Nonlinear
Functional Relationships
Object Transformations
Pythagorean Theorem
Statistics and Probability
Scatter Plots
Interpret Bivariate Data
Test Taking Tips
Test Taking Tips
Practice Tests
Practice Test 1 - Part I
Practice Test 1 - Part II
Practice Test 2 - Part I
Practice Test 2 - Part II
Practice Test 3 - Part I
Practice Test 3 - Part II
Practice Test 4 - Part I
Practice Test 4 - Part II
Practice Test 5 - Part I
Practice Test 5 - Part II

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